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Alu-system Martin Haller was founded in the year 2000. In 2006 the company moved from Pinkafeld to Grafenschachen, in the new company building.

The company started as a two-man operation, but now has grown to a medium sized company with over fifty employees. We specialize in the production and the assembly of sunshade systems with aluminum lamellas. Looking back since we started the company we have had a new project every week. To be constantly on the edge of technology and competitive we have developed a new lamella assortments range and we develop constantly new tools so that we can offer individual designed Lamella shapes.  Currently we have a wide range (40) of different profiles (C-profiles, Fish belly lamellas, rail systems, carrier systems, flap systems …) so that every building project can be executed in the appropriate way.

Since 2006, we have started with the general metal construction, due to the space in our new production hall. Since we build and assemble the support constructions that are necessary for our sunshades ourselves, we have expanded our production range. Because of the in-house project planning and the high productivity of our enterprise, we can not only provide solutions in private construction, but also in public constructions and major projects, fast and efficient; we can realize your ideas and wishes. We only use first class steel quality with provenance proof from Austria suppliers. For the surface treatment, we cooperate with well-known enterprises of our region. Our expertise and efficient planning allows us to respond to the individual wishes of our clients and to ensure us a steady position in the Austrian market in the sectors of sunshades with aluminum lamellas and metal construction.

Despite our company size, Mr. Haller Martin personally supervises and manages the projects. In this way the customer is assured to receive a competent and efficient advice with personal guarantee.

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ALS Haller GmbH & Co KG  LAMELLENTECHNIK    METALLBAU    GITTERROSTE  Tel. 0043 3359 29 329  Fax: DW – 44  office@als-haller.at

ALS Haller GmbH

Tel. 0043 3359 29 329 

Fax: DW – 44